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Barn Conversion

I was told that the owners had decided not to employ an architect and that they prefered instead to: 'spend the money in the building'. They asked me if I would design the conversion myself.

The plans I drew for the project. We always knew space was going to be tight. We even discussed ideas of incorporating a firemans pole and a draw-bridge. Unsurprisingly, these ideas did not even make it to the first drawing, but the idea for the curved wall and the bridge stayed. The windows had to be kept small so the curved wall and the bridge help the light in.

This original feature of the barn though is rustic and agricultural, the colour of the brick is warm and I like the old white lime wash stain. The doorway is slightly arched. I got the plasterers to keep just this small section of the original building visible.

Most people shy away from cruved walls and arches because they are quite difficult to do. But there is a good reason for this curved wall here. We are so tight for space in this building it actually opens up the access under the staircase more. It lets energy and natural daylight flow through the building. It increases the feeling of privacy, sanctuary and vitality.

Because of planning regulations, there is only 1 small window on the first floor. The glass balustrading is absolutly essential here in order to make the most of the natural light.

Again, we are very tight for space in the bathroom. We are so tight in fact, we had to fix the towel radiator to the back of the door because we had run out of wall space. Incidentally, we found that old solid oak door lying in a puddle in another barn. We just dried it out and chopped the top corner off.